Atherton’s new joint is putting the social in City

Gabriella Griffith
THE CITY rubbed shoulders with celeb-land last night at the launch of Jason Atherton’s latest foodie-den, City Social, at Tower 42.

Model David Gandy was there turning heads, as was Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch who reminisced about the venue. “It’s a fantastic night, I’ve worked here before in fact – we filmed episode two of season one here,” he told The Capitalist.

One Citi banker said something similar. “I used to work in this building, it’s fabulous they’ve really opened it out, it’s such a social space now.” A fitting description given social is Atherton’s calling card. His Social Eating House and Pollen Street Social restaurants already hold Michelin stars – can we expect the same in the City?

“Gary Rhodes had one here for many years, if we could carry on Gary’s success it would be a dream come true,” he told The Capitalist.

“The City has been on my radar for years, I was just waiting for the right place to open up and when I heard this was available I leapt – how lucky am I to get a restaurant this high up? Even when we’re cooking we get to see the view.” And what a view it is.