Any Other Business - 29/04

Gabriella Griffith

THERE was cause for celebration (and positive headlines, at last) for Barclays on Friday when its retail and business banking chief executive Curt Hess picked up the Corporate Straight Ally of the Year award at the Out in the City and G3 Magazine awards. Hess rubbed shoulders with the likes of Tom Daly and Paul O’Grady at the glittering event, held at The Landmark Hotel.

MARK Brumby, chief executive of Langton Capital, suffered an episode of TMI yesterday in his daily analysts’ email. The topic of conversation in the “A Day in the Life” section, where Brumby muses on what moves him most that day, centred around much needed space in his trouser department. He was reflecting on the false economy of saving money on trousers. “Because you might save a bit on the fabric or rather the lack of it but, if your pants take it upon themselves to strangle the life out of your unmentionables 24-7,” he wrote. “Then all you’re really buying yourself is some long-lasting belly ache that’ll have you believing you’ve been brought low by a combination of crippling wind pain alongside a ruptured appendix with all of the fun that that entails thrown in for free.” Get thee to a tailor, Mark, get thee to a tailor.