Dixons chief is appy with his sons’ creation

Gabriella Griffith
SHOULD being the chief exec of electronic giant Dixons ever fail Sebastian James, the retail boss has some incredibly enterprising progeny to step in and support him.

Despite being just 14 and 13, James’ teenage sons, Arthur and Alfie have just launched their first app on the Apple store, called Zorg Jump. “I’m so proud of them, it’s just amazing,” James told The Capitalist.

The pair have been coding for around a year and a half and have submitted the app, which involves helping an alien get back home by jumping on clouds. “It’s very simple; more Flappy Birds than Clash of Clans,” said James, showing off his games smarts.

The chief executive (who was in the Bullingdon class of ‘87 with David Cameron) admits having tech savvy, entrepreneurial offspring helps to keep him relevant. “It definitely helps me to gain insight into what their generation, my customers included, are thinking.” Will he be using his big financial and commercial clout to help with Zorg Jump’s sales? “I don’t think so,” he laughed.