Letters to the Editor - 28/04 - Build up and out, Best of Twitter

Build up and out

[Re: How a terraced street revolution could fix London’s housebuilding crunch, Friday]
I remain to be convinced that terraced housing is higher density than high rise. If New York and Hong Kong wanted to make more housing available, would they knock down their high rises and build two storey terraces instead? London needs to embrace more medium to high rise, provided it is done well. This is not the only solution, but a good part of it. Most people coming here want to live in London, not in the suburbs. And why create a bigger commuting burden than necessary?

George WR Shaw

It’s ridiculous to suggest that terraced housing could solve London’s housing shortage. The taller the building, the more units you get. London needs a mix of tall buildings, mid-rise mansion blocks and terraced housing. But to get there, it needs reform of the planning process. Giving local residents more power will reinforce Nimbyism.

Mike Fitzroy

Nicholas Boys Smith hits the nail on the head. The only way to get public support for development – and destroy Nimbyism – is to build more of the homes people actually want.

Name withheld



Russia hiking interest rates, giving direct funding to banks, realising wars & sanctions are expensive.

The Chinese have now become the world’s biggest spenders on overseas tourism.

The EU: good for a handful of mega-corporations, disastrous for business in general.

I’m astonished at the number of taxpayer funded bodies it’s emerged are members of the CBI.