Letters to the Editor - 25/04 - Transport capacity, Western decline, Best of Twitter

Transport capacity

[Re: Just three reforms would transform UK recovery into sustainable boom, yesterday]

Rolling back the green belt around London by one mile is a sensible suggestion. But how would the inhabitants of the 1m new houses, all within travelling distance of London, travel into the city? Certainly not on the overcrowded trains and roads. As Andrew Adonis pointed out in this publication last month, passenger numbers on the Tube have increased by 40 per cent in the past 15 years. So any large-scale housing projects must be planned in conjunction with a drastic overhaul of London’s public transport capacity.

Name withheld


Western decline

[Re: It’s time to read the writing on the wall: Why the West no longer exists, Tuesday]
The real global strength of the US is where it has always been – not in its military muscle but in its wallet. Indeed, even in the worst economic straits of the last half century, it remains the world’s most stable and secure economy.

Ron Grummer

One small issue: France is not in decline to the extent the author believes. Yes, the country has high debt, but it also has a burgeoning population young enough to deal with it.

Justin Bristow



Crime is now at its lowest level since 1981. Police reform is working.

More strong economic data from the CBI on retail sales. Monetary Policy Committee – please take note!

New EU banking rules mark big power shift to Europe level. Raises questions for non-euro EU countries.

Russia’s Lavrov: Ukrainian military must withdraw from southeast Ukraine. New definition of federalism.