By George! Cam wants us to give our saint a party

Gabriella Griffith
HAVE you been prepping for your St George’s Day celebrations? It’s 23 April today, so surely you’ve had this evening planned for weeks? No, us neither, but the Prime Minister has rolled up his tweeds, settled into a cup of Yorkshire and launched an effort to make St George’s Day more of a, erm, day. Watch out St Patrick’s Day, St George is gonna get you. “For too long, his [George’s] feast day – England’s national day – has been overlooked,” he said in his special St George’s Day message.

But while no one has to ask how to celebrate St Patrick’s Day (10 pints of Guinness usually does it), England’s own day is more of a mystery.

Fear not, Cammers has outlined what we should be doing. The PM champions Newcastle Brown Ale, pasties, Arsenal, Downton Abbey and The Beatles.

If we spend the day enjoying these great English success stories it’ll be a great day in on the couch.

He also mentions the Worcestershire annual asparagus run – if you need to work off all that pastry.