Board meeting: Ladbrokes gets in kerfuffle at Man Utd ground

Gabriella Griffith
IT WOULD appear David Moyes wasn’t the only person asked to leave Old Trafford yesterday, as Ladbrokes’ spin doctor Alex Donohue also had to do the walk of shame away from the Man Utd grounds. He had been on site with his chalk board, peddling the odds on who would replace Moyes and chatting to the press; but the football teams’ heavies had a different idea.

“My odds board and I were also persona non grata according to a member of staff and then security, who said ‘bosses’ upstairs didn’t want me on the premises and I had to leave immediately and couldn’t come back,” he told The Capitalist. Charming. He wasn’t worried though. “All part of the fun,” he said.

For those of you with in interest in a Man Utd managerial flutter, Louis Van Gaal is favourite at 10/11. Odds on Sir Alex making a triumphant return are at 14/1. Chances of anyone hanging about outside with a chalk board of odds getting hoofed out, pretty high.