Ukip membership hits a record high as new posters unveiled

Kate McCann
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MEMBERSHIP of Nigel Farage’s Euroskeptic Ukip party has hit 36,000 people, a record for the organisation.

New figures revealed yesterday show that Ukip now has 36,015 members and more are expected, after the party said it was coping with a backlog as a result of Farage’s TV debate with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.

“This is more superb news for Ukip,” party spokesman Patrick O’Flynn said. “On present trends we will overtake the Lib Dems in terms of membership figures before the general election – just as we have already overtaken them in terms of opinion poll support.

“When Nigel asked people to come and join the people’s army at the end of the second debate there were viewers from all over the country who decided to do just that,” he added.

The news came on the same day as the launch of Ukip’s new immigration-focused poster campaign ahead of the EU elections in May. A series of posters and radio adverts will centre on the idea that “British workers are hit hard by unlimited foreign labour.” One shows a builder begging on the street, with the caption: ‘EU policy at work. British workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labour.’

Critics claim the posters are racist, but Farage brushed off the claims yesterday, saying: “Are we going to ruffle a few feathers among the chattering classes? Yes. Are we bothered about that? Not in the slightest.”