Less Metro, more Astro | Horolo-hipsters rule the streets but virtuoso watchmakers are looking to the stars


If you’re excited by the Helvetica watch above, then there might be enough geek in you to get excited by this table clock, launched behind closed doors at Baselworld last month. Yes, it does look like The Federation’s Deep Space Nine, and yes, that was on purpose. MB&F’s watch designers have always sought inspiration from sci-fi, but this time, in collaboration with L’Epée clockmakers, they have gone all out in homage to Star Trek’s cult spin-off, named ‘Starfleet’, obviously (CHF28,000 excl. tax).


Jacob & Co

The bling-bling Manhattan jeweller, so beloved of hip hop and sports stars, is certainly an acquired taste, but there’s no denying its horological credentials when Jacob’s Swiss division gets busy on the drawing board. The Astronomia Tourbillon is an orrery for the wrist, its dial, tumbling tourbillon, spinning moon and Earth all rotating about a shared axis beneath a bulging dome. Just nine mesmerising pieces will make it into orbit (£TBC).


Vianney Halter

The misanthropic journeyman of independent Swiss watchmaking was suffering a severe bout of lethargy recently, until two factors sparked him into life: an unexpected jury prize at the annual Grand Prix of watchmaking in Geneva, and – once again – the divine inspiration of Deep Space Nine, whose boxsets Halter had been gorging on. The result? The ‘Deep Space’ (£POA): a mesmeric triple-axis tourbillon floating in space.