Letters to the Editor - 17/04 - Pensions tax, Inflation, Best of Twitter

Pensions tax

[Re: How Britain can rebuild welfare with the power of individual contributions, yesterday]

Here we go again. Bash higher rate tax relief for private pensions. What are we going to do about public sector pensions? Of course, it’s easier to have a go at the private sector, which is already subject to all kinds of risks. Speaking as a higher rate taxpayer in London, with a whopping mortgage due to extreme house prices, and now having lost child benefit, the only benefit I get is pension tax relief. Take that away, and you will find many get very very angry. It’s not as if I can afford to save much into my pension as it is.

Victor Franks



[Re: Inflation is a nasty stealth tax. We should celebrate its defeat, yesterday]

What I find most bizarre about the inflation debate is the worthy commentators who don’t care when the real value of savings is eroded, or when life becomes difficult for even wealthier people due to rising costs, but who instantly jump on evidence of disinflation as a reason for monetary easing.

Name withheld

Good piece. Inflation is a silent thief, and it’s been quietly stealing my savings for the last five years. Shame account rates have dropped with inflation.

Simon Prior



Bookies have tightened the odds that the Lib Dems will get zero seats at the European elections.


Starbucks moving Europe HQ to UK, adding UK largest European market. Clearly no concern of Brexit.


France: polls show that if last elections were re-run, Hollande would not even get to second round.


Who believes these China GDP numbers? Who believes in the tooth fairy?