Let’s get cracking | Six of the best Easter eggs

Fortnum & Mason’s hand decorated milk chocolate egg
Billed as a “work of art in chocolate”, this oval marvel was hand-crafted in England. Available with a pink or blue ribbon, the egg is filled with chocolate treats.
£39.95 fortnumandmason.com

Harrod’s milk chocolate easter egg with dolly mix
The deep groove detailing that runs down the length of this milk chocolate egg gives it the appearance of bark, while a selection dolly mixtures are clustered in the middle.
£12.95 harrods.com

Waitrose’s Seriously dark chocolate egg
Waitrose’s Seriously range doesn’t take luxury lightly. This dark chocolate egg is made from 70 per cent cocoa and it’s accompanied by six salted caramel truffles.
£10 waitrose.com

Hotel Chocolat’s luxury milk chocolate Easter Egg
This luxurious egg breaks the mould (literally) with its mind-boggling geometric design. It’s not just a looker, either. The 40 per cent milk chocolate is beautifully smooth with a bitter edge.
£20 hotelchocolat.com

Lindt’s Lindor easter egg with mini-eggs
This 215g milk chocolate egg is the perfect Easter gift for anyone who likes their chocolate creamy and indulgent. You get an egg plus a generous number of truffles.
£6.19 lindt-shop.co.uk

Godiva’s beaded Easter egg filled with chocolate pops
This Easter egg isn’t just for Easter – you can keep the beaded outer shell as an ornament. And the middle? It’s full of delicious delights from top chocolatier Godiva.
£55.00 godivachocolates.co.uk