Letters to the Editor - 15/04 - Jobs miracle, Airport debate, Best of Twitter

Jobs miracle

[Re: The recovery is being driven by a revolution in the jobs market, yesterday]

Have you considered that the reason for the rise in self-employed consultants is the tax system? With a good accountant, moving from PAYE to self-employment, for effectively the same job, can reduce your liability. I find it increasingly difficult to hire employees who want to be permanent.

Iain Herd

Yes jobs and GDP are up, but productivity is languishing. It’s all too possible that trend productivity growth is now permanently lower.

Name withheld


Airport debate

[Re: The airport debate has forgotten free markets, yesterday]

The biggest problem with the airport debate is that local residents don’t support expansion anywhere, as Kristian Niemietz highlights. This has given credibility to perverse solutions like Boris Island – which has shades of Chinese state planning. What we really need is all the options. Let Heathrow expand and become a bigger London hub. Let Gatwick corner the market in low cost European travel. Let London City use new hub buster planes to ship executives to distant financial centres. And buy off local people by giving them money.

Russell Lord



Challenge of Ukraine: Russia too big to be isolated, but not too big to be a nationalist dictatorship.

EU sanctions discussions in chaos as each country wants to avoid economic consequences.

Which G7 economy has seen the biggest increase in living standards since 1980? The UK – by a big margin.

Munich tops Europe’s list of digital technology hotspots, followed by London, then Paris.