Any Other Business - 14/04

Gabriella Griffith

THERE’S a manhunt afoot following Southeastern’s revelation that a senior City executive, thought to be a hedgie, had racked up a record breaking £43,000 in dodged fares over the past five years and had to pay out a £42,550 penalty plus £450 in legal fees in the past few weeks. The fund manager had been boarding in East Sussex where there are no barriers, getting to London Bridge, taking a connecting train to Cannon Street and simply tapping out (paying the £7.20 fine for not tapping in) each day. We’re all dying to know who he is. Clues? His commute starts in Stonegate, East Sussex and he might work near Cannon Street. Could it be enough to find his identity?

THE HISCOX Art Cafe lived up to its name on Thursday night when nearly 100 art admirers gathered for a private view of 97 pieces of donated art, by names such as Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk and Keith Tyson. The lucky guests were given the chance to walk away with the artworks by entering a raffle. It was all to celebrate Housing The Homeless Central Fund’s 50th anniversary and the charity managed to raise upwards of £8,000, thanks in no small part to sponsors Hiscox, Aviva and The Grange Hotels. Hiscox chief exec Bronek Masojada was on hand to give a speech but the insurance giant’s founder Robert Hiscox wasn’t in attendance. The Capitalist wonders if he was caught up with his latest acquisition? Reports emerged over the weekend he has bought The White Horse Bookshop, in Marlborough, Wilts – in a bid to save it from closure. With Amazon’s dominance in the book market, it’s a formidable task but as an insurance expert, Hiscox is no stranger to risk.