Cameron: Don’t trust extremist Farage or Clegg

Kate McCann
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DAVID Cameron has urged voters to reject “extremist” Ukip and the Liberal Democrats in the European elections, positioning his party as the only option for those who want real change.

Promising a stronger economy at home and greater respect abroad, the Prime Minister set out his stall with six weeks to go before the EU elections in May.

Hoping to fend off competition from Ukip and his coalition partner Nick Clegg, who wants closer ties between the UK and the EU, Cameron called both leaders “extremist” and warned that neither party would be a safe choice at the ballot box.

“We are the only party with a clear plan,” he said. “Renegotiate. Get the best deal for Britain. Then put the decision to the British people.”

The Conservative manifesto launch comes on the same day as a poll revealed that Ukip leader Farage has received a significant swell of support in recent days.

The Ipsos Mori poll for the Evening Standard showed 15 per cent of voters would back Farage if there was election tomorrow, the party’s joint highest rating yet. David Cameron is seen as the most out of touch leader, the poll found.