Winter floods City at annual Christmas bash

Gabriella Griffith
WITH May fast approaching you might think festive parties are a distant, mulled wine-filled memory but not for Winterflood Securities, which held its annual and undeniably epic Christmas party last night.

The Old Billingsgate building down on the Thames provided a new but bountiful platform for the do. This year’s theme was old school City versus new – “The Old City Jobbers Tavern” on one side, “The W Lounge” on the other (we can only assume W stands for web) replete with DJ and lasers.

“No one has parties like this anymore – this is the only time a lot of these people get to see each other,” Brian Winterflood told The Capitalist. A sentiment repeated by many throughout the evening. And why April? “When we started the company, we didn’t break even until April so that’s when we had the party and it just stuck.”

Three of the Stock Exchange trading floor’s first ladies were there, reminiscing about the days they elbowed their way into the macho arena in the seventies. “It was like being on a playground, you had to have thick skin,” Christine Spencer told The Capitalist.