Letters to the Editor - 11/04 - Thatcher's children, Problem with MBAs, Best of Twitter

Thatcher’s children

[Re: Why Sajid Javid could soon become the Tories’ great hope, yesterday]

If the Conservative party wishes to win the 2015 election, it desperately needs a new leader and a change of political direction that encompasses the views of the electorate. Javid may be the only person who could pull off this dramatic about-turn for the Tories.

Name withheld

Too many politicians are career politicians. Javid has real world work experience which marks him out from the current crop. Good luck to him.

Catherine Allinson


Problem with MBAs

[Re: Why aspiring entrepreneurs shouldn’t dismiss the MBA, yesterday]

The biggest problem with MBAs is that the lecturers themselves often don’t have business experience. How can someone who has never started or run a business try and teach about entrepreneurship? On top of that, the course model is outdated. I am yet to see a MBA course offering essential entrepreneur skills for launching a modern business. What about inbound marketing, turning services into products, and leveraging Google or Amazon as perfect market research tools? MBAs create corporate drones that dribble outdated techniques.

Ray Noppe



Hard to get excited about Brics when US is growing faster than most of them (Brazil, Russia, South Africa).

63 per cent of the public think that David Cameron showed poor judgment in standing by Maria Miller.

Case for rate hike is weak. Mandate for inflation close to 2 per cent likely to be missed in coming months.

First woman Prime Minister, first British Asian in the cabinet: true party of equality and diversity.

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