Any Other Business - 10/04

Gabriella Griffith

One of London’s stalwart tech names Moonfruit was in a celebratory mood last night, the company enjoying its 15th birthday in Shoreditch’s Boxpark. Bought by a struggling Hibu (now in administration) for £23m two years ago, the website builder is still going strong – despite of its owner’s strife. Founder Wendy Tan White was due to give a speech to the cocktail guzzling crowd but had to make do with mingling when it was discovered the bar’s speaker equipment was all linked up, so any presentation about Moonfruit would have been broadcast to each and every container in the complex. Fair enough, really – we’re not sure how appreciative any late-night workers in the Nike store would have been.

IEA director Mark Littlewood called David Cameron’s bluff yesterday following PMQs. When MP David Nuttall suggested Cammers should read the winner of the think tank’s Brexit competition, “A Blueprint for Britain: Openness not Isolation,” the PM joked he would consider the IEA tome as potential holiday reading but it might lose out to Nadine Dorries’ latest novel (which has received universally disastrous reviews). Littlewood responded by sending the PM a copy. “I haven’t yet had the chance to read Nadine’s novel but I’m sure it’s superb...I’m delighted to be sending you the hope that you might find time this Easter to read both.” No excuses for not dipping in or out over DC’s Easter break then.