Five of the best GIF maker programmes

With a range of filters and social media sharing options, this GIF-making mobile app is the Instagram of motion photography. Upload photos from your camera roll or record yourself before adding text and filters.
iOS/Android; free

This app from developer Factyle is designed to seamlessly blend video and image content, plus it has all the added extras common to most GIF makers including filters, looping options and ways of adjusting speed.
iOS/Android; free

Don’t be fooled by the name; ImgFlip is more about motion than pictures. Still, it’s one of the best online GIF creation applications available. You can add tags, resize the width of the vid, and it’s quick too, making the GIF in seconds.; free

The undisputed daddy of editing software, Photoshop is the ultimate option for creating sophisticated GIFs. Creative Suite 6 may be expensive but it’s worth it if you’re serious about making motion photography.; £329

Picasion is another online GIF maker that allows you to take photographs as well as upload them. If you’re able to ignore the seedy ads on the sight, this is a ridiculously simple and quick way to make GIFs. Just don’t expect any advanced functions.; free