DH-Hell: Courier reveals firms’ awful exports

Gabriella Griffith
EXPORTS might be at a three-and-a-half-year low according to the Office for National Statistics, but no one could accuse British businesses of not having imagination when it comes to their exporting exploits. DHL has revealed some of the oddest things its clients have tried to export (only to be knocked back by the German courier colossus).

One company asked to export a warm Korean takeaway to an overseas customer and another tried to export a doner kebab to Spain. Eh? Don’t try and tell us a superior doner cannot be found in Spain.

Food aside, animals also appear heavily. DHL refused to send a dead cat for testing from a laboratory and dead fleas in a package for species analysis and identification (no dead cat bounce there, then).

But The Capitalist’s favourite story is the company who tried to export wet concrete. We’re aware that various concrete mixes have an array of setting times but surely anyone trying to export wet concrete is going to come unstuck (or not, so to speak).