Blur’s Alex James plays King of the farmyard in Canary Wharf

Gabriella Griffith
KING may be in its post-IPO quiet period but the games-maker made a pretty loud statement in Canary Wharf yesterday.

In a bid to push its latest game, Farm Heroes Saga (think Candy Crush but um, on a farm) King’s marketing whizzes set up a farm pop-up outside the station. It came with all of your farmyard essentials; lambs, chicks, vegetables, tractors, Blur’s Alex James, piglets and hay bales.

“It’s really good but a bit weird,” said a bemused Moody’s associate Giovanni Tira as we walked past the lamb enclosure. Others were pleased for a distraction. “It can get very samey around here so it’s nice to break the monotony,” Craig Watson from Barclays, told us.

For those of you thinking, “gee it’s nice for King to pick the UK for once” (having floated in New York) think again, it was also hosting a similar event Stateside. Boo.