Letters to the Editor - 10/04 - Housebuilding, Liberal vision, Best of Twitter


[Re: How London can smash through the brick ceiling limiting housing supply, yesterday]

A better idea would be to abolish the contradictory demand that developers build “affordable housing”, which actually puts the price of other properties up, thereby harming affordability. The housebuilding market is effectively constrained by such entry barriers. They mean that most development is only carried out by the large market participants that can afford the enormous transaction costs inflicted by well-meaning, but control-obsessed planners. And finally, London needs to do away with half of the greenbelt.

Name withheld


Liberal vision

[Re: Why only a liberal vision will prepare Britain to compete globally, yesterday]
If global competition is the solution, a railway between Birmingham and London is not the way to facilitate it. Let’s build a high speed fibre optic network, and give the whole country access to it.

Wyndham Lewis

Jeremy Browne sounds like an admirable politician, but he’s convincing no one. Faced with the choice between the unpredictable forces of globalisation and stagnant security, it’s likely that most people would sadly opt for the latter.
Martin Goldie



Large groups are bad at making decisions. The Cabinet should have no more than seven members.

Sajid Javid – congratulations on your appointment to the Cabinet. The rising star!

57 per cent of Germans oppose sanctions against Russia as a result of the Ukraine crisis.

Greece has only cut 80,000 public sector employees out of 750,000. It promised to cut 150,000 posts.