Rowland’s old wheels are on sale for a steal

Gabriella Griffith
IF YOU fancy getting your hands on a piece of British business history we might have just the ticket. The Capitalist has caught wind that the late and controversial billionaire Tiny Rowland’s Bentley is up for sale...and it’s on Autotrader.

The Bentley Continental R Coupe is in pristine condition, has only had three owners and a mere 32,000 miles on the clock. And it’s going for a steal, at £36,500.

The Capitalist contacted the seller to make sure Autotrader wasn’t spinning yarns, and it turns out the car isn’t being sold by any old so-and-so – but the managing director of Edmond de Rothschild private bank, David Irving, who “acquired it through a friend a couple of years ago”.

Why in goodness name would he sell such a thing? “I’ve got too many cars,” he told The Capitalist.

Tiny, full name Roland Rowland, was renowned for his ruthless business acumen – turning his empire Lonhro from a small African mining company into a global conglomerate. He was famed for his high-profile takeover bids, including a long but unsuccessful battle to own Harrods. His Bentley still carries his legacy, including a car phone with his home number programmed in.

“The phone has ‘me’ in the menu and it’s his old home number at his Chester Square address. It has references to his country home and his chauffeur also.”

Irving claims he’s had quite a lot of interest so if you want Tiny’s motor, you’d better move fast. Saying that, it would be fitting for the purchase to turn into a fierce bidding war, replete with scornful vendettas and personal attacks. Watch this space.