City A.M. reader selfies good enough to eat

Gabriella Griffith

EVERYONE loves a selfie and City A.M. readers are no different. These three are the lucky winners of our competition with Eat, each winning a week of free breakfasts. You can have a go too – turn to the back of the paper now and send us a selfie using #mademymorning for a chance to win.

BT’S latest sucker punch at Sky – the poaching of ex-BSkyB executive Delia Bushell to be its new managing director of BT TV and Sport – might be even more of a coup than previously thought. Not only is Bushell bringing a wealth of knowledge about BSkyB and over 10 years’ of experience there, she’s also married to a BSkyB veteran. Her husband Griffin Parry was at BSkyB for 13 years before leaving for in 2011. No doubt he knows a thing or two about BT’s biggest rival.