Letters to the Editor - 07/04 - The establishment, Best of Twitter

The establishment

[Re: It’s not just Clegg who’s lost contact with reality – it’s the whole establishment, Friday]
Great article. This is the reason why the other leaders don’t want Nigel Farage in a pre-general election TV debate. They would all lose. They are completely disconnected from the real world, and think they know better than the public they’re supposed to be serving.

Name withheld

As Marc Sidwell says, the establishment doesn’t even notice it has lost control, or that its old rhetorical tricks no longer work. The big question is whether we need entirely new parties to challenge these failures. Or are our existing elites capable of self-renewal? Now, I’m no longer sure.

Bob Black

[Re: Sorry Ofgem: Why simpler energy tariffs are not in consumers’ interests, Friday]
I agree with Stephen Littlechild. Thanks to Ofgem’s simplification rules, I have lost my discount for prompt payment and now have to pay a standing charge. When I’m away from home for a month, I pay standing charge rates instead of nothing. If energy is going to be privatised, let firms compete. Price wars only end up benefiting the consumer.

Kevin Collins



Under EU definitions, UK deficit is 5.8 per cent of GDP and debt 90.6 per cent.

Why is it Ukipers think if you level any criticism at Ukip or their dear leader it means you’re pro EU?

Russia’s price hike for gas to Ukraine makes avoiding a sovereign debt default harder.

Russia raises gas prices for Ukraine by 80 per cent. Didn’t the bungling IMF estimate 40 per cent?