Strategy&... is it a typo? No it’s another rebrand

Gabriella Griffith

MANAGEMENT consultancy firm Booz & Co, to mark its takeover by accounting giant PwC, is undergoing a rebrand with an unusual new name, Strategy&.

Pronounced “Strategy and” the change is apparently a requirement of the break up of Booz Allen Hamilton in 2008, from which Booz & Co emerged, which stated that the firm couldn’t continue to use the Booz name if there was a change in ownership.

It’s not the first time that PwC has picked a bizarre rebrand, in 2002 it tried to rename its consulting arm Monday. The name was short lived however as IBM bought Monday the same year and quietly killed the name.

PwC chairman Dennis Nally labelled the move: “an important step for PwC, our clients and stakeholders. Businesses are navigating unprecedented, disruptive threats and organisations increasingly want the right strategy and the ability to execute it.”

The reaction on Twitter was not quite so forgiving, with users claiming that the new name is “weird” and “looks like a typo”.

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