Why a bespoke tie is a sound investment

By Aleksander Cvetkovic

AFFORDABLE luxury is something everyone covets, particularly when dressing for work. A good quality off-the-peg suit will start at around £500 and you'll be lucky to find a decent bespoke service for under £1,000. No surprise, then, that the bespoke, handmade tie is undergoing something of a renaissance.

Luxury brands like Linkson Jack, which offers a range of silk, linen and preppy wool pieces, and Drakes London, which produces patterned silk ties, know that customers are becoming more receptive to the allure of exclusivity. Ties might not be a thing you instantly think of as a bespoke product, but Linkson Jack says the art of crafting a fine tie isn’t as simple as you might think: “Our bespoke service makes it possible for you to specify the precise length and width of your tie, whether you would like it lined or unlined, or with three, five or six folds.” Much like a suit or bespoke shoes, the tie gives its owner the opportunity to design it from scratch, allowing the wearer to express himself. The finished product can cost under £100, making the prospect of “going bespoke” more accessible than you might have thought.

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