Time savers

If you watch the minutes, the hours will look after themselves; check out these London-centric, time-saving apps

Yplan iOS and Android
No need to trawl through event listings, the YPlan app offers up 15 carefully curated events for that night, up to a week in advance. From music and theatre to food tastings and gallery exhibitions you can book your night out in just a couple of taps. They also have access to invitation-only events and some of the capital’s best-kept secrets.

GetTaxi iOS and Android
By far the best way to get yourself a black taxi, this app lets you order your ride in just two taps and wait away from the elements for your drive to arrive. Real-time tracking shows you map a of your location and the driver’s progress towards it, plus their time of arrival. Pay by cash, card or pre-load your GetTaxi account with credit – it puts the city at your fingertips.

Deliverance iOS and Android
With kitchens all around the city you and the team needn’t bicker about what cuisine should be delivered for tonight’s take-away. Type your order into the app from an impressive range of food from the four-corners of the world – hopefully enough to suit all palettes. You can also tag each dish with your names, so when colleagues decide yours looks like the better choice, you can keep your dinner.

Ratedpeople iOS and Android
Finding a trusty tradesperson on-demand is a tricky business. Stories of rip-offs are rife for those who have had to turn to an emergency tradesman after an accident. This site lets you find the services you require in your local area and shows other users’ experiences so you can book with confidence. You can also store ratings within the app to keep a record of people whose services you want to use for future work.

HotelTonight iOS and Android
This outfit have deals with a plethora of hotels across the capital as well as cities across the UK and globally so you can tap into it wherever you are. Unsold rooms are given over to the app and they create the deals for you to tap into quickly and securely to find a spot to rest your head. It is an intuitive app that’ll lead you to new overnight stays.

Lowdown iOS
The more ammo you’re armed with to take into a meeting, the more likely you are to achieve your preferred outcome. However, it can take precious time mining information from people’s corporate profiles. This app helps you discover more about the person you’re about to meet, including company details and directions on how to get to their office. You can even call, email or tweet while still in the app.