Mind the salary gap: Piccadilly is richest line

Gabriella Griffith
WHEN someone asks you which Tube line you use, they could be enquiring about more than just how close you get squeezed into other people’s armpits and how frequently you’re serviced with a carriage. They might be able to take a stab at your salary.

Recruiting firm Randstad has done the rounds and found out what the average salary for commuters on each line is, giving us a handy hierarchical view of the Tube.

Keen to be viewed as flash? Make sure you take the Piccadilly line, average salary for the dark blue line is £56,250. Must be all those hedgies pushing up the average in Mayfair. The Northern line isn’t far behind in second with an average pay of £47,250. In descending order the rest go; Bakerloo, Victoria, Metropolitan, Central, District & Circle, Jubilee and ambling up in last Hammersmith and City (average salary of £35,250).

We’re disappointed with the Jubilee – it’s route goes through Mayfair and Canary Wharf. What happened there? And heaven knows Londoners love to complain about the Northern line.