Luxury watchmaker Bremont is set to become the first company to release a fully mechanical “smart watch”

Wearable tech has become the latest fashion among early adopters but the gadgets have failed to move purists, who value the centuries-old tradition of mechanical movements.

Bremont’s A1 smart watch hopes to bridge the gulf between the two worlds.

The rotund device can be used as a music player, incorporating a miniature reel-to-reel tape system powered by the watch’s self-winding mechanism with enough capacity for up to three songs. You can make sure your health is in tip top condition by tightening the strap around your upper arm – a fully-integrated sphygmomanometer will measure your blood pressure and display the results on the watch face.

It even has a weather feature that makes use of a tiny built-in barometer, activated by twisting the crown. This triggers a ticker-tape printer to reel off the latest forecasts right into your hand.

To integrate the additional features, the A1 has a “barrel” design, standing five centimetres above your wrist. A spokesman said: “You can expect plenty of attention when you’re out in public. Be prepared for people stopping and pointing at you.”