Letters to the Editor - 01/04 - European debate, Globalisation fears, Best of Twitter

European debate

[Re: Why both sides of the debate must up their game on Europe, Friday]

Of course politicians are throwing around dodgy statistics. Why? Because both sides of the EU debate lack any comprehensive vision for what Britain’s global position will look like in the future. The Outers want either an expanded Commonwealth, a beefed up Anglosphere, or for Britain to go it alone like Switzerland (we’re not sure). Meanwhile, those who want to remain in have no answer when asked how Britain should respond to closer integration of the Eurozone core. Bad stats are a way of hiding these big flaws.

Mark Taylor


Globalisation fears

[Re: Globalisation isn’t keeping us safe – it’s blunting our punishment of Putin, yesterday]

The West’s inability to get what it wants geopolitically is obviously very scary when applied to Russia. But what of the other unhappy giants – like China – which also have scores to settle with their neighbours. We assume that Chinese integration into the global economy, and the rising spending power of its middle classes, will mitigate against jingoism over Taiwan or islands in the South China Sea. But if John Hulsman is right, we should be extremely worried about the coming Asian arms race.

Name withheld



February’s household borrowing numbers show fears of recovery driven by borrowing binge misplaced.

HFT debate: just internecine warfare between the 0.01 per cent. Completely irrelevant to the rest of us.

Ukip membership exceeds 35,000 for the first time. 2002: 9,000. 2014: 35,081 and rising fast.

Returning to work now not financially viable for a third of London parents due to rising cost of childcare.