Most Britons have not learnt the lessons from the winter floods

Suzie Neuwirth
ALMOST two thirds of Britons do not have or don’t know if they have flood insurance for their homes, according to new research.

Hundreds of homes across the country were wrecked by flood damage due to the extreme weather in December and the early months of this year.

Yet according to a survey commissioned by PwC, conducted by YouGov, 34 per cent of British adults have not arranged protection in the case of similar events, while 27 per cent do not know if they have adequate insurance cover. Twenty-one per cent of respondents believe it is the government’s responsibility to instal weather defences in areas that are at risk.

“Not everyone will be affected by flooding, so it’s no surprise that some people don’t have cover for it. But with approximately half of the 2007 flooding off flood plains, the ‘it won't happen to me’ approach could prove expensive,” said Jon Williams, partner for sustainability and climate change at PwC.