Twitter puts Old St in the mood

Gabriella Griffith

UTERS leaving Old Street station could soon have an early indicator of the mood in their office, thanks to a new installation revealed today.

Property developer Helical and Crosstree have created The Mood Stream, a sizable 4 x 2.5 metre screen that will aggregate sentiment from tweets made in the area and change colour to represent the general vibe.

The screen will also display tweets sent using #OldSt24_7 (though before you get any ideas there is a filter to stop anything rude being displayed).

The board will be in the hoarding of The Bower, an office-cum-retail space that has also been launched today.

The Mood Stream is apparently the first of its kind, using sentiment visualisation technology. Although the latter sounds like it’s been coined by The Thick Of It script writers, it’s about time Silicon Roundabout got some sort of landmark; ever since the sadly departed giant beachball met its maker, the area has been lacking in visual panache.