Miliband: We’re the party for small business

Kate McCann
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ED MILIBAND is set to rebrand Labour as the party for small business, signalling an ideological shift ahead of the general election in 2015.

Speaking at a Federation of Small Business conference in Manchester today, the Labour leader will position his party as the backer of those who work for themselves, adding that an economy skewed away from small companies is holding many back.

“Unless your businesses succeed, Britain will not succeed,” Miliband is expected to say. “You are Britain’s best hope of winning a race to the top and competing with the best in the world.”

Miliband will say that enterprise has been “stifled” by high energy prices and business rates, as well as banks that do not lend and a shortage of skilled workers. He will also call for a vote in parliament to freeze energy prices for small businesses, as well as families.

Financial secretary to the Treasury, Sajid Javid, said: “The anti-business Labour party are the biggest risk to the recovery. Ed Miliband would hit firms with higher taxes and short-term political fixes that would risk jobs and risk investment.”