Letters to the Editor - 26/03 - Personal liberty, Best of Twitter

Personal liberty

[Re: Pension reforms mark a welcome move towards individual liberty, yesterday]

You only have to look to Switzerland, where there is a real sense of personal responsibility, to see the importance of handing power back to the people. It has a very stable political system, based on decentralisation and frequent referendums. And the country has held the top spot as the WEF’s most competitive global economy for the last five years.

John Hancock

Increasing bureaucracy and nanny state initiatives over the last decade have been disastrous for individual liberty. It’s time government – be it l local, central, or in Brussels – to focus on running the country, not our lives.

Name withheld

[Re: Gatwick states the obvious in the fight for a new runway, yesterday]

Gatwick expansion has advantages, but faces some problems. It says that growth will come from short-haul flights to Europe, but Stansted is only running at 55 per cent capacity, and could service that market for years to come. What’s more, long-haul airlines still find Gatwick difficult to make profitable because the lack of hub feed.

Name withheld



Private sector wages are now level with inflation. This is a big moment.

A prolonged period of sub-2 per cent inflation would ease squeeze on consumers and reinforce recovery.

US foreign policy influence is in decline. US military power is not.

Clegg and Cable have installed unsustainable student financing system. A time-bomb is already exploding.