Letters to the Editor - 21/03 - Beer and bingo, Best of Twitter

Beer and bingo

[Re: No turning back: Four reasons Osborne’s Budget will matter, yesterday]

This isn’t going to be remembered as the “slow and steady” Budget. It will be remembered as the “beer and bingo” Budget. This is unfortunate, because it will really be about savings and investment. Grant Shapps did George Osborne no favour. It also seems to me that the promises in this Budget depend on some exceedingly flimsy assumptions regarding revenue.

Frances Coppola

[Re: British savers free to choose at last, yesterday]

Pensions reform is not consistent. If the government really trusted the individual to save and manage his or her own future, it would not be imposing the bureaucratic burden on business (and subsidy to insurance companies and pensions advisers) represented by compulsory workplace pension schemes and auto-enrolment.

Guy Herbert

The new 15 per cent stamp duty measure will do little to improve the state of the housing market. It simply shows that the government’s first attempt at an Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings for property over £2m failed to bring in what it expected.

David Hannah, Cornerstone Tax



Bill Gross: Yellen’s “qualitative guidance” lacks definition. Higher interest rates the result.

Latest round of US sanctions includes a Russian oligarch and a bank. Significant escalation. Zero impact on Putin’s behaviour in Ukraine.

Hitachi move headquarters to UK. Prospect of EU withdrawal in 40 months helped seal it?

Russia to complete moves to absorb Crimea this week.