Letters to the Editor - 18/03 - No clothes Cameron, Best of Twitter

No clothes Cameron

[Re: Cameron sets out his agenda for EU reform, yesterday]

David Cameron’s EU plan will be a stillbirth, if it ever reaches the delivery room. Powers cannot flow away from a German-driven, Frenchbacked, ever closer union, which suits weaker member states. Qualified majority voting is increasingly the norm, and there is little appetite to work with Britain to block legislation among the 27 other equal states. Less red tape is a failed mantra and has no foundation in reality. And as a signatory to the Human Rights Act, we cannot exit the reach of the European Court of Human Rights without leaving an Act that is adopted into an EU treaty. Freedom of movement is an EU fundamental right, and populous poor members will defend their right to export their surplus population under the cover of hosting a few British retirees and migrant workers. As to future migration, further expansion East will be on hold now that Russia has put the brakes on. Turkey is never going to be allowed in. Cameron’s seventh point – removing Britain from ever closer union – is a non-starter given the above. Our political parties don’t want Brexit, and none of them will risk a British vote. Britain and Europe can see this coalition caretaker has no clothes.

Chris McLaughlin



Vladimir Putin still has to deal with a weak and badly run economy. Crimea doesn’t change this.

Lower paid would benefit more from rise in NIC threshold than increasing personal allowance.

If Ed Balls is so concerned about salaries paid at the Co-op, why does he accept Co-op funding?

Euro deflation? Four of 18 countries have falling consumer prices. Prices rising in other 14 countries.