Letters to the Editor - 14/03 - Splitting debts, Best of Twitter

Splitting debts

[Re: The big independence lie: Scotland could keep the pound, Wednesday]

Is Scotland walking away from its “share” of UK debt really that absurd? Did the Baltic states take any Russian debt after the breakup of the Soviet Union? No. Of course, independence supporters have proposed that Scotland would indeed take on its fair share. But opponents of independence have suggested that Scotland be cast out as a new state, with no share of the “assets” built up together (EU membership, currency, embassies, international treaties). The debt is in the UK’s name; if the Union dissolves, the assets and liabilities need to be divided. But if the UK continues to retain all the undivided “assets” (without Scotland), surely it must keep the debt in its name.

Name withheld

[Re: The coalition and Labour are uniting to destroy UK’s pensions, yesterday]

With depressingly low rates on annuities, frequent government raids on our pension schemes, and high costs in funds, is it really surprising that people turn to property for their retirement savings? And this probably leads to a far more unstable housing market.

Charles Davies



Great idea for Budget: cut NI. Better for low-wage earners than raising income tax allowance.

Clegg: “Lib Dems have been consistent on EU.” But I remember election leaflets promising an in-out vote.

Morrison’s is behind the curve. Launching its card this year. How long ago did Tesco launch Clubcard?

Britain strongly engaged with Europe is best for our economy and our country.