A fifth of Britons expect to still be working on their 70th birthday

A FIFTH of people in the UK think they will be still be working by their 70th birthday, according to shocking new research.

A major international survey released by Nielsen today paints a grim picture of the retirement prospects for today’s workers, as worries about working longer and having too little saved loom large.

A total of 19 per cent of British workers expect to be working when they turn 70, compared to just 12 per cent of people across Europe as an average.

And just 52 per cent of workers in the UK say they will be better financially prepared for life after work than their parents, in comparison to 62 per cent in north America and 82 per cent in the Asia-Pacific countries.

Over half say that having enough money to live comfortably is a major concern for retirement, and nearly five per cent of workers expect to still be employed after the age of 76.

A majority of UK workers still plan to retire before 65, with nearly 40 per cent assuming that their working lives will finish between 60 and 65.