The document revealing draft plan to protect UK economy from trade sanctions

Kate McCann
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A LEAKED government document has revealed plans to protect the UK economy and financial interests in London by avoiding UK trade sanctions against Russia.

The papers, understood to be draft notes ahead of a meeting of the National Security Council in Downing Street yesterday, said ministers “should not support for now trade sanctions or close London’s financial centre to Russians.” The notes also urged against discussion of military preparations in favour of “contingency EU work on providing Ukraine with alternative gas if Russia cuts them off.”

A Downing Street spokesman said the Prime Minister is clear that if Russia continues to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty there will be “costs and consequences.” He added that these could include “diplomatic, political and economic measures,” but did not elaborate further.

The wording of David Cameron’s message is in stark contrast to his American ally John Kerry, who has spoken out strongly against Russian military intervention in Crimea and threatened action against President Putin.

The Prime Minister spoke to both German chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande late last night, where agreement was reached that the EU and others should work together to de-escalate tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

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