Letters to the Editor - 03/03 - Immigration, House building, Best of Twitter


[Re: The coalition’s immigration policy has now lost all credibility, Friday]
Obsession with immigration (and the EU) has distracted attention from implementing real reform to increase our country’s economic capacity. Few are prepared to so boldly announce their support of immigration, and it has become a real emotional rather than rational issue.

Name withheld

I agree that immigration is positive for Britain, but let’s not pretend that it’s positive for everyone. Not all arguments against it are baseless.

Jeremy Suffolk


House building

[Re: We can solve Britain’s housing crisis. Here’s how, Friday]
Mark Clare is careful not to blame government for too many of the problems in the housing market. But how else does he think more of Britain came to be covered by golf courses than houses? What else but government policy makes the process of gaining planning permission for his developments take longer than actually building and selling the houses? Clare is right that housebuilders need to win the housing debate. But the only way they’ll do so is by calling a spade a spade, and demanding more radical liberalisation of the planning system.

Tom Barty



US gave Syrian opposition false hope. We shouldn’t make that mistake with the Ukrainian government.

France one of few Eurozone countries where sentiment and output surveys consistently show contraction.

Putin will never let go of Crimea, especially the great Russian base of Sebastopol.

Eurozone youth unemployment stays elevated at 24 per cent, hits new record in Italy at 42.4 per cent.