Letters to the Editor - 26/02 - Peak holidays, Fantasy oil, Best of Twitter

Peak holidays

[Re: Holidays cost more at peak times. The reason is basic economics, yesterday]

My argument is that companies don’t charge “extra” during school holidays. That’s the normal price. Instead, they offer discounts out of season.

Mark Wadsworth

It’s not just about supply and demand, but about when parents can take their kids on holiday. The solution is to scrap schools’ iron grip on monopoly rights to demand attendance, and let parents take their children out when they wish. And to forestall any attacks from school teachers – I am one.

Name withheld


Fantasy oil

[Re: How Alex Salmond is ignoring the real risks of independence, yesterday]

Alex Salmond is relying heavily on oil and gas to justify his vision of an independent Scotland. But contrary to his analysis, the direction of the oil price is not only up. Recent developments will ensure a substantial and sustained increase in production, while consumption is no longer increasing rapidly. Fracking in the US, and the lifting of the Iran oil embargo, are unlikely to be offset by Opec limiting supply from elsewhere. The SNP does not come close to offering a detailed and intelligent plan for independence.

Name withheld



Venezuela is less geographically important than Ukraine, but the situation is much uglier.

Another strong CBI survey. Retail sales growth best since mid-2012. CBI should be calling for a rate rise.

Since 2010 a total of 3,589 regulations affecting UK business have been handed down from Brussels.

Are you watching, Bank of England? January total for house purchase approvals highest since 2007.