Cameron issues blank cheque to pay for flood damage as deluge continues

Kate McCann
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THE PRIME Minister promised to spend whatever is necessary to get the country back on track as thousands of homeowners were evacuated amid rising flood water in the south east yesterday.

“Money is no object in this relief effort. Where money is needed it will be spent,” Cameron said at a press conference in Downing Street. He also rubbished calls to use cash destined for foreign aid to pay for repairs, telling reporters he would not be “raiding the aid budget.”

The press conference came as the PM cancelled a planned trip to Israel in order to take the lead on the response to the severe weather, warning that the worst is yet to come. He said “very tough weather challenges” meant that it would take “a depressingly long period of time” for many communities to return to normal. So far 1,600 military troops have been deployed and thousands more are on standby. Cameron announced yesterday that £10m worth of grants would be available for farmers hit by flooding. He also pledged extra money to help those who are uninsured to repair homes.

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