Wall Street tiger gets her claws out over wolves

Gabriella Griffith
FORGET the Wolf of Wall Street, the City played host to a different financial animal this weekend – Junheng Li, author of Tiger Woman on Wall Street.

Li, a Wall Street analyst who advises institutional investors on Chinese companies, has written a book detailing her personal journey, “from the streets of Shanghai to Wall Street”.

Just don’t compare her story to that of the Wolf of Wall Street. “That movie is so stupid, I thought I was going to puke five minutes in – anyone who has worked a day on Wall Street won’t recognise it in the film – it has changed so much since the nineties,” she told The Capitalist.

She is very pragmatic about the challenges of working on Wall Street, however, wolves aside.

“It’s certainly not for everyone – people don’t always talk about how harsh it is and the personal sacrifices which are involved.”

The firm run by Li, JL Warren Capital, has considered setting up a London office. But what differences does she see between the City and Wall Street? Mainly a few glasses of wine. “People are generally a bit more laid back here. If you go out for lunch with a fund manager it’s not abnormal to have a glass of wine – in America it’s unthinkable – people would look at you like you’re crazy. Americans are much more uptight.” We’ll drink to that.