Rathbones battles the English lacrosse team in wet Hyde Park

Gabriella Griffith
INVESTMENT managers at Rathbones had an unusually challenging afternoon on Friday, as a team from the City firm gathered in a muddy Hyde Park to take on the English lacrosse team at their own game.

“There was more water than grass on the park but everyone enjoyed themselves,” Rathbones’ Chris Dean told The Capitalist.

The match was organised to celebrate Rathbones’ continuing sponsorship of the England team, raising £5,000 for the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust. And it wasn’t as one sided as you might expect – Rathbones put up a good fight, scoring 10 to the English Lacrosse team’s 15.

There wasn’t much time to celebrate before the team was back at their desks though: “Everyone went back to the office, had a sandwich lunch with the England team and went back to their desks for 3.30pm – there were definitely some tired faces come home time,” Dean said. That’s dedication.