Chief executive tweeters - the good, the bad and the slovenly

Gabriella Griffith

THE TECH world breathed a somewhat bored sigh of relief on Tuesday when the new chief executive of Microsoft was revealed following an exhausting five months of more suspense and guess work than an episode of Murder, She Wrote. The curtain was lifted and Satya Nadella was revealed as the new figurehead of the good ship Microsoft this week. Hallelujah. Nadella’s first actions as CEO seem to be penning a suitably chest-thumpingly patriotic email to his people (“While we have seen great success, we are hungry to do more” yadda yadda yadda) and, well, tweeting. “First commitment as CEO...i won’t wait 4 years between tweets!” he wrote in his first 140 character message since 2010 (he hasn’t tweeted since).

While we look forward to reading Nadella’s musings on a more regular basis, who says good chief execs need to tweet all the time? We thought we’d look at his peers and see what the benchmark is...