Letters to the Editor - 31/01 - UK democracy, Small business, Best of Twitter

UK democracy

[Re: Scotland’s referendum is a fateful moment for the whole UK, yesterday]

I struggle to understand how a system has developed where Scottish MPs vote on policy affecting Wales and England, but Welsh and English MPs can’t vote on some aspects of Scottish policy. Why not follow a similar model to the USA or Australia, with Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England essentially becoming federated provinces (or countries) of the United Kingdom? It would create another tier of government, but the federal level could easily be cut in half if this system were adopted.

Name withheld


Small business

[Re: Ignore the rhetoric: Government must open up contracts to small business, Monday]

I agree with Andrew Adonis on opening up government contracts to small business. But how does he reconcile this with his party’s high-tax, large state, anti-business rhetoric?

Chris Watson

Why this obsession with small businesses? Surely if a larger corporation is able to deliver a service reliably, and cheaper through economies of scale, it should be given the contract based on value for public money?

Benjamin Howard



Ed Balls is so addicted to debt that even when he claims to be austere he wants to borrow £25bn.

Does fall in business lending matter? Corporates have the cash to fund investment without debt.

Better news for Spain’s economy as it records economic growth of 0.3 per cent for fourth quarter.

Three-quarters of applications to European Court of Human Rights against UK are about prisoner votes.