Citi becomes latest bank to cut weekend work for junior staff

CITIGROUP will follow in the steps of other major banks this February, as the group encourages junior staff to stay out of the office on Saturdays.

According to an email leaked to Dealbreaker, staff in lower-ranking positions will be actively encouraged to stay out of the office between 10 in the evening on Fridays and 10 in the morning on Sundays, as well as taking all of their allotted holiday.

During their Saturday out of the office, analysts and associates will not be expected to work remotely, but are expected to continue checking their email in case of “business critical issues”.

Goldman Sachs also told junior staff not to come to their offices on Saturday, while JP Morgan has taken on more staff to spread the workload at junior levels.

Bank of America Merryl Lynch reviewed their working practices last summer, following the tragic death of an intern at the bank.

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