Post “Carney in Edinburgh” challenge Canada vs Scotland

Gabriella Griffith
YESTERDAY Mark Carney donned his well-fitting black suit, fired up the economobile and raced up to Scotland for a breakfast meeting with Alex Salmond and a rather lengthy speech at The George Hotel in Edinburgh, to give his tuppence worth on a currency plan for an independent Scotland.

Throughout the talk, the Bank of England governor made reference to his native Canada and drew comparisons between its currency plan with the US, and that of Europe, the UK and a potentially independent Scotland. He also mentioned the Canucks’ debt to the Scots: “Scots built the very foundations of my native land, Canada, whose first Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald was born in Glasgow.”

Indeed. Well, we thought we’d compare the two nations in some other, non-economic ways (see above). Who do you think wins? We’d go Irn Bru over Canada Dry any day...