Letters to the Editor - 29/01 - More red tape, Best of Twitter

More red tape

[Re: We’re slashing rules that hold business back while Labour imperils recovery, yesterday]

While we applaud Michael Fallon’s success in realising the government’s commitment to slash rules for small firms, readers in the City won’t need to be reminded that financial services are excluded. We understand this is due to the massive reform programme which followed the recent banking scandals and the global financial crisis. Our industry – wealth management – was not an agent in these scandals, and our clients were victims of, rather than participants in, the crisis. We are therefore asking ministers to look again at our exclusion from these otherwise helpful initiatives. It is time to free our industry from such burdens, enabling firms and their clients to invest more actively in UK companies, and providing a much-needed boost towards growth.

Dr Tim May, chief executive, Wealth Management Association

[Re: The Labour party’s war on the better off is dreadful economics, Monday]

The 50p tax rate is a desperate attempt to shift the debate away from the improving economy. Labour know they will lose if the election is fought on the grounds of pure economic competence.

Name withheld



Quite striking that 0.4 per cent of the 0.7 per cent growth came from business services and finance.

UK service sector driving growth but industry and construction remain at depressed levels.

In 2014, 71 per cent of UK tech companies will raise wages: highlights optimism in the UK tech economy.

Immigration is now tied with the economy as the top issue facing the country in our new Issues Index.