As Miliband also sets sights on the SME vote

Kate McCann
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SPEAKING after David Cameron’s keynote speech at the Federation of Small Businesses this morning, Labour’s Chuka Umunna will announce that the party would set up a Small Businesses Administration (SBA) if it wins the 2015 general election.

The new forum would work across government departments to promote the small business agenda.

“We need government to be a better servant – and customer – of our small businesses and to make sure that entrepreneurs’ voices are heard at the top table. A UK Small Business Administration is necessary to realising this ambition,” Umunna is expected to say this afternoon.

He will go on to make the case for a UK version of the American SBA to help the country grow its way out of the cost of living crisis.

Umunna is reported to have travelled to America and met with officials in Washington DC to find out how the American forum works. The former head of the US Small Business Administration, Karen G Mills, said it is essential that political parties focus their policies on growth.

“When small business has a seat at the table, we can more effectively focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, which are critical components to a strong economic game plan in today’s world,” she added. The shadow business secretary will also use his speech to highlight Labour’s plans to reform the department for business, innovation and skills to make it more focused on enterprise and entrepreneurship.

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